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liberal_quotes's Journal

A place to discuss liberal quotes and ideas
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Every day or two a quote pertaining to the liberal ideology will be posted. These quotes are intended to motivate, but please (PLEASE!) feel free to discuss the idea(s) presented in the quote. In other words, feel free to discuss how it relates to the current political situation, our current administration, how the quote applies to the liberal ideology, how the ideology has been applied in the past, etc. GO NUTS!

That being said, hate speech, prejudice, bigotry, trolling, and general drama will not be tolerated in this community. Instances of any of the above will result in banning.

All entries are moderated, meaning they must be approved by one of the maintainers before showing up in the community. Feel free to post your own quotes as they pertain to liberalism. We will try to get all posts through the queue quickly.

Last, as of now, folks of all ideologies are welcome to join this community. Open, constructive discussion and debate is encouraged.

This community is maintained by xxshamelessxx and wearingwords.